KFC Mega Jug: Causing and Curing Diabetes

KFC Mega JugIn 2011 KFC boldly took sugar consumption to new heights when they rolled out the largest fountain drink any fast food restaurant has ever dared to offer.

The Mega Jug’s ominous size is appropriately matched with a  paint-can-style handle for carrying and depending on your beverage of choice will allow you to consume 750-850 calories of liquid pleasure.At 64 ounces  (also known as 2 liters) the Mega Jug is a close cousin to the Double Big Gulp which is 7-11’s largest soda vessel. An average, healthy, human stomach can naturally process about 1 liter of liquid over 2-3 hours so it is no surprise that consuming 2 liters of soda is not the healthiest choice during the lunch hour.Promo

In a clumsy attempt at responsibility KFC offered to donate $1 to JDRF (Diabetes Type-One Prevention Research) for every Mega Jug that was sold in conjunction with a meal.

So customers could both voluntarily self-inflict type-two diabetes on themselves while paying for the prevention reasearch of type-one all in the same meal!

SugarSugar by the numbers

3.25 = Average grams of sugar per ounce of soda

62 = Ounces of soda per Mega Jug

208 = Grams of sugar per  Mega Jug

4 = Grams of sugar per average sugar packet

52 = Amount of sugar packets per Mega Jug


Ultimately, consumers are going to get their sugar fix if they really want it and who are we to try to stop them? We are here to promote a healthy lifestyle and help provide the facts not to force my beliefs and practices upon others. KFC ColonelSo don’t blame the colonel, he just doing what he does best; giving customers what they want. It is up to you to develop the habits and lifestyle that make you truly happy and build the legacy you want to be remembered by. Cheers!

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